Friday, January 2, 2015


All of a sudden, 2015 is upon us, and the realization of this has seen me sitting at the desk plodding away on the new book quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. Nonetheless, it was fun to give 'Bugatti' his first training session of the year yesterday - just wish it could have been a bit warmer!

On the racing front, Massabielle picked up a little scar and nothing more from his first race, which is frankly amazing given the rough run he had. I'm pleased about that, although Kalliopeia's training has slowed down after a front leg joint has started to hold heat.

Tenshinramman is back at the racing stable, showing signs of a future on dirt, while Harmony Fair will hopefully run at Nakayama next week. Meanwhile, Irish Harp is running at Kyoto on Saturday in the 1400m dirt 3R - we've got a new jockey, so let's hope we get a better result than last time. Later in the day, Belle Plage is at Nakayama, teaming up with Katsuura-san in the 1800m 9R. I don't honestly think we can expect much, as there will be a lot of race-rust to contend with, but you never know...