Saturday, August 30, 2014


Glint Moment kept up his ridiculously poor momentum, despite now being a gelding. In a race of 16 horses, he was the only male, and still managed to finish 15th! Okay, the jockey's job may have got a little easier, but what all the positive vibes are about, I shall never know. A good start is one thing, a decent first half is another, but what really counts is the second half of the race - there was no change of pace, and nothing left in the tank at the end. The last 3F time was 3.3 seconds slower than that of the winner, and the second slowest of the complete field. If I wasn't so tired after 15 hours of work, the talk about him dirt racing would probably make me laugh - as it is, I simply have a dull feeling, as if I've just listened to a very bad joke or one of the current crop of corny pop groups, and I'm just amazed that a future is even being banded about. As far as I'm concerned, after finishing 18 lengths down on the victor (a filly that had gone nine races without a win!), there isn't a single thing to celebrate. Perhaps if it was still February or March, there may be some hope. Frankly, being this late in the season, with new two-year old horses making their debut and a new Carrot Club yearling catalogue sitting on the table, if it was up to me, he'd be retired on the spot!

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