Monday, August 11, 2014


J'ai Un Reve has arrived at his racing stables, which is a huge piece of news, as it means his debut isn't far off. As far as I know, he'll be the only Montjeu kid running in Japan this year, so you can see why I'm excited and harbouring some high expectations.

I have equally high expectations of 'Bugatti' - we've just entered him in a September competition, which is frankly extremely fast given his rawness as a riding horse. Notwithstanding, we've got to get a move on if he's to score enough L1 points during the season to qualify for the All-Japan title, and, as yet, he hasn't done anything outside a racetrack! This means the first three, four or maybe five competitions will be a case of pure experimentation, moving him through the various dressage patterns until he makes the grade and gets used to his new job. What a super challenge, and knowing the severity of such a task - zero to hero in a year - frankly has me chomping on the bit with excitement. If we pull it off, it will be a miracle. If we don't, well, at least we'll have had some damned good fun trying...

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