Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jumping For Joy

No, that's definitely not a reference to my weekend's racing results, as you'll have probably gathered if you tune in on a regular basis - it refers to today's jumping debut for young 'Bugatti', and, at the end of it all, once again, he's amazed me with a combination of his enthusiasm, his natural ability and the desire to please his new family.

Tacking him up, and with the intention of simply breaking up his training programme to keep him interested, we joked about entering him in a show-jumping competition scheduled for November. Well, it now looks as if he will indeed be entered, doing dressage on Saturday and jumping on Sunday! I don't think we can expect any finesse or subtlety - just raw, explosive power in the same vein as 'Jaguar', bless him. Magnificent!

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