Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Was That A Pin?

It's so quiet on the Japanese racing front, you could hear a pin drop. Beat The Boarder (a Sunday TC horse) is slowly but surely regaining form, although there's little else worth reporting beyond that. Of the Carrot Club 4yo runners, well, none of them are running! Tenshinramman is still dithering, but might be out again at Fukushima or Tokyo. I'm assuming that means the 2014 Fukushima or Tokyo, which would see something happening in the next few weeks, but plans surrounding 'Tenny' are as reliable as those surrounding Porthos. Harmony Fair should be back at Miho Training Centre in the next week or so, meaning an entry is imminent, while Miracle Rouge - who last raced in June - is moving from one R&R centre to another...

With Belle Plage going on holiday, Irish Harp is the only 3yo with something worth mentioning, and that's the fact that her training programme is being changed to bulk her up a bit. There is a plan to run Joyful Step at Niigata over the weekend, but the no-hoper brigade are struggling to get a berth in the gate.

As for the 2yo crop, Massabielle is doing gate training and will take a test soon. Meanwhile, Time For Love is apparently a changed horse after the debut run, with sharper reactions and a generally sweeter movement. No mention of another race, though, for her, or any of the six others in her age group. Let's see if anything positive comes up on Thursday.

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