Saturday, November 1, 2014


Well, first I had to stomach an 11th place for Miracle Rouge, which was bad enough. But even that didn't prepare me for the result Tenshinramman recorded - 13th, and she looked like she'd run three miles instead of 1400m at the finish. I guess now she'll go for yet another long break, and that is the root of the problem - a lack of race conditioning. That has to be one of the worst performances I've ever seen - on a par with Mephisto Waltz, but at least that donkey had an excuse for bad results, as it was downright useless. Frankly, I cannot believe that this is the same horse that I had a couple of years ago - she has been ruined, physically and mentally. As far as I see it, there are only two options left. Number one would be instant retirement and broodmare duty. And number two would be a change in trainer, as Harmony Fair has proved that she is far from useless now she's getting the right guidance. There are no other options - the current combination simply does not work.

PS. Having just read the trainer's report for Tenshinramman, apparently it was the rain that made this animal slow down to a canter on the final straight. Now I'm sorry, that's just pure bullshit! If the rain was a problem - and we're not talking the rain 'Bugatti' had to contend with either - why did she sit in such a good position until the final straight? It was a pure lack of muscle, brought about by a lack of racing - it's a GII horse, for God's sake, and running in the poxy class she's been relegated to due to mismanagement, we should be measuring her victories in multiples of lengths. And now, after an excuse that a five-year old would consider a bit too childish to use, the idiot wants to send her away for another break, which means the next race will be exactly the same. Even the groom has a bloody degree with this pony (and I'm not joking), but what we need is someone with commonsense training the horse. My previous statement stands, with even greater conviction - the current combination simply does not work.

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