Thursday, December 18, 2014

Perfect Harmony?

Courtesy Carrot Club
After a hard day in front of the computer, including almost an hour searching for what a specific Mercedes switch looked like (at least I now know it's extremely rare!), the day was brightened up around teatime by the arrival of some new bridals and lead ropes for 'Bugatti' - he now has a bright yellow and a bright red set to go with his traditional Newmarket stuff.

A couple of JRA dates for the diary, with Hiroshi Kitamura taking on Harmony Fair (pictured here at the start of last month) for the Chukyo 2R (1800m dirt) on the 20th, and Massabielle hopefully making his debut on the 27th at Nakayama in the 2000m turf race with Katsuura-san in the saddle. Given Harmony's superb practice time and a pair of good hands at the reins, this could be our best chance to get a four-year old victory, which is ironic, given that I'd given up on her when she was at her old place. If she does win, it will be a real feather in the cap of the new trainer...

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