Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good Practice

Poor ol' 'Bugatti' didn't know what to think. He went over to Higashi-Kanto last night in that howling gale, and stayed there wondering if his family would come and get him. Of course we did! But his unfamiliar surroundings, all the noise in the night from things blowing everywhere and his uncertainty as to what was going on left him in a super-ultra-high-tension mode this morning, and he decided to show the judges a few rodeo tricks in his L1 outing - still came seventh, though, which wasn't bad. Once he realized it was a competition, and this place was like the Olympic Club, which meant plenty of apple cookies and loving hugs followed by a nice trip home, he calmed right down, until we reached high-tension mode for the A2 category. For a change, we put Louis in the Junior section, and the pair won it with ease. Racing tomorrow...

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