Thursday, March 19, 2015


Another incredibly disappointing performance from Beat The Boarder. The wet track probably didn't help, but it is more a mental problem as far as I'm concerned - the horse has totally lost the desire to race, and only avoided coming last because another runner had some sort of problem. I see no alternative but to retire the thing, and put us all out of our agony. At the very least, the trainer should be changed - the horse had no interest in what was going on in both the paddock and the gate; the Sunday TC people are saying it was poorly turned out; the jockey is saying the bad result was due 100% to poor conditioning, and yet the trainer is saying there's no problem. Was he watching the same race as us, or perhaps he saw number 8 at a different track and assumed that was the horse he gets paid good money to train? With an attitude like that, a rest and warmer weather will make no difference whatsoever. There are problems. Serious problems. And unless they get looked at and dealt with, you will always be finishing at the back...

Hopefully Irish Harp will restore family honour and bring us win number 27, although a show of effort alone would be appreciated after tonight. Perfumer has also been confirmed for the weekend, but it's being treated as a practice run by the sound of things. At least 'Bugatti' is going from strength to strength, with Sophie doing everything today from start to finish. And believe me, it takes some guts to ride 'Bugatti' straight out the box! Sophie might be small, but she's a tough cookie.

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