Friday, March 13, 2015

Tired Of Excuses

Now perhaps Carrot Club will finally retire Harmony Fair - last, and not just last, but almost still jogging around when they were bringing them out for the next race! It got one win in it's debut race in November 2012 and has done absolutely nothing ever since. It's wasting time and money (including my hard-earned wedge), and does nothing for the reputation of the club. Racing is about racing, not simply making up numbers in the odd slot that isn't overbooked. You cannot keep entering her in dirt races in the million-to-one hope that she doesn't get sand in her face. It's a dirt race, not on a poly track! The trainer has had his chance - now it's time to listen to owners, and I don't think any one of us would be sorry to see her JRA career terminated...

PS. Well, the trainer has decided that dirt doesn't suit this pony, which is something I could have told him before he even started his Harmony Fair campaign - it's in all the old notes, and he has confirmed it so many times, I don't think he deserves any credit for trying any more (there's a point where fighting becomes futile). He thinks there is a chance to get turf races over the next few months, but I shall believe it when I see it. There may be races, but they will all be grossly overbooked, and a horse with a record that she is carrying nowadays stands absolutely no chance of getting preferential treatment. I can see nothing more than notes on a booked meeting and no gate position being granted for the foreseeable future with this one. A complete waste of time and money.

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