Thursday, April 2, 2015

Colza Debut

The other big news yesterday was Louis and 'Bugatti' being the first to enter the brand new arena at the Colza Horse Club - a big honour for the young pair. After a few minutes on a lunging rope, just to take the tip off Bugatti's built-up tension from not being able to train properly for the last couple of days due to the move, it was time to drop the stirrups and let Louis go for it. I'm glad to say that the Mad One was no worse than usual - he gave Louis a little rodeo practice, as he often does just before settling into his work mode, called out to his mates a few times, and then became so focused, it was inspiring to watch him strut his stuff. The new arena stood up to its first test well, compacting a lot less than the old Tokoro dirt, and it will definitely be less dusty on windy days. A good start!

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