Sunday, April 26, 2015


After yesterday's win and a strong fifth, today's JRA result was a bitter disappointment, with Single Cask trailing home in a miserable 13th place. The start was exceptional, so that wasn't the problem, and over such a short distance and no less than five months of rest and comeback preparation, if fitness is behind the disaster (a full two seconds off the winner's time) then you may as well retire the beast now!

Pretty Gully finished in the middle of the field with Braydn Swaffer, but we weren't really expecting anything more this time out - it was simply a race to give her a shakedown after a long break and some travel experience. With luck, judging by her finishing speed, she should be back at the head of the field in her next outing. I screwed up as well, so only 'Bugatti' had a good day, jumping like a pro with the kids...

One other bit of news, Phosphorus will not be running at Urawa, but will instead take a slot in the next Funabashi meeting held during Golden Week. He seems to be in vibrant form at least, so his next race should be an interesting one.

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