Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cairns Capers

Raining Dollars was fifth in Cairns today, but it should be said that he was carrying top weight and was very close to third. As such, especially given that he drew an awful gate and will be much better suited to races over a greater distance as his career progresses, we have every right to look forward to his next outing with optimism...

Next up, Paul Hanaghan is set to ride Blacklister in his debut run in the six-furlong 2:15 at Leicester on Monday. Looking forward to that one, too! And now Perfumer should be running at Kanazawa in a 1500m NAR dirt race on the 9th June as a late entry.

In the meantime, 'Bugatti' is enjoying the attention of a visitor from the UK - my Mum. She was brought up around horses before the Blitz wiped out the family stables in WWII, and has always had a special bond with our four-legged friends and fast motorcycles. It's not difficult to see where Sophie gets her deep love of horses and tomboy spirit from!

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