Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clinic Debut

While Louis is a seasoned veteran in this area, Sophie made her clinic debut with Miyaki-sensei today, prompting me to turn up at the club for the first time in a good while. For the most part, it was successful, but Sophie wasn't so happy when 'Bugatti' was attached to a lunging rope, as a) she has a certain amount of trauma from an earlier experience, which really was as close to dangerous as anyone would care to go in a kill or cure plot hatched by my friend from Spain, b) she knows how wild - as in totally bonkers - the mad horse can get during rope work, and c) it was virtually all in the direction both parties hate. Anyway, she got through it, and will be much better off for the advice and attention to detail that Miyaki-sensei always provides. In a crazy world that's sometimes hard for me to understand, I truly respect this guy - he's one of a kind...

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