Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sayesse V2

Courtesy Lord Ilsley Racing
George Baker guided Sayesse to a well-deserved victory at Newmarket on Thursday, giving the frisky little fella his second win from three starts. The Lord Ilsley Racing equipe can be really proud of this one, and Ettie Hart will hopefully run at Brighton on Monday to give the syndicate another chance at glory. In the meantime, we have another race in England tonight, and I'd love that landmark 50th win to be with the Channon family. We'll see what happens, but at the very least we're guaranteed 100% effort from all involved, as always, even though Lillyput isn't particularly fancied. The once-minuscule gap between the pleasure of UK racing (thanks to the professionalism and fun injected into the game by Mick and his lad) and the constant pain I keep getting dealt from Japanese racing continues to widen...

PS. Lillyput was sixth in the Box 41 colours at Newbury, showing a marked improvement over her debut run. I have a feeling she'll be better again next time out for the run. 

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