Friday, September 2, 2016


Blacklister runs at Kempton Park on the 2nd, in what will almost certainly be his last Box 41 race. This magnificent fighter is then going to the Doncaster sales. Unlike the Japanese rubbish, which can all be sold tomorrow as far as I'm concerned, I shall be sorry to see this one go... Ettie Hart also runs on the 2nd, this time at Newcastle. 

In Australia, All Rosie might be racing two days straight at the end of September. Surely a three month break between races is necessary judging by Japan standards? Well no, as my friend in the UK did the same thing, winning on the second day, and the horse was racing again - doing well - a week later. This is what real racehorses do. Raining Dollars should be out again soon, too.  

PS. Blacklister was fighting a bit above his weight on Friday - a fact ably illustrated by his 33/1 odds. He will not be forgotten, though - a superb horse with a fighting spirit of truly legendary magnitude. Poor Ettie, fighting for the lead, seemed to get squeezed out about 600m from the end and Killian then just dropped back to cruise in.  

PPS. I actually missed the fact that Masterson was running yesterday, even though I checked on the At The Races site as it's very unusual not to hear exactly what's going on with any of Mick's horses. I knew it had been entered in several races over the next few days, but must have missed the declaration. Anyway, just watched the Newcastle run over two miles, and the little beauty won - two in a row, and three wins now in total. Well done to all the team that make the Box 41 syndicate a pleasure to be in. He'll be out again at Brighton on Monday. That means he alone will have run twice in September, when none of the 17 Japanese horses have made the starting gate yet this month! In fact, the way things are looking, Masterson will race more than all of them put together over the rest of the year... 

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