Thursday, September 8, 2016

Today's Donkey

Can't moan at the going today, but Shine Tiara still ran plain awful - again! It's obvious that it will never make an NAR racer, as it is perfectly clear that it hates sand being kicked back into its face. With only one NAR track in the country (and none in the Nankan area) having turf, this seals its fate as far as I'm concerned. It just went backwards as soon as it cleared the gate and the leaders pulled in front of it, and then fought back around the outside before fading fast and finishing a very poor seventh - the very poor rating coming because at 14 lengths down it was so far behind the winning group that their jockeys were having a shower before Yano crossed the line. Time to retire it - as in now! Make room at the stable for something that might actually perform like a racehorse should.

In England, Sayesse runs at Chester on Saturday with John Egan at the controls, and then Masterson follows up with the same jockey and track lined up an hour-and-a-half later. That will be Masterson's third run this month, meaning he will have raced more - singlehandedly - than all 17 Japanese horses put together in September! A sad, sad reflection on the poor value one receives out here. Unlike his Japanese counterparts, his results has been fantastic, too...

PS. Shine Tiara has indeed been retired. Now if Carrot were to do the same with Million Ways, who is definitely another no-hoper, along with Massabielle, War Chronicle, Rush Attack and Perfumer, that would make me happy with the Japanese situation for the first time in ages.

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