Monday, October 24, 2016

Daiso Goods, Cartier Prices

The bad joke continues with the news that War Chronicle's chosen race is oversubscribed two-to-one, so the chances of getting a berth in the gate are remote. Is there a back-up plan? I doubt it. So, from having what looked like a few Japanese races fairly close together for the first time in months - literally - we're back to diddly squat except for feeble excuses for non-runners, and nowhere near enough races to go around for those are actually are able to run, or jog, as that's probably a better description of the movement they have the nerve to call running out here. Without a doubt, the most pathetic 'racing' in the world, as well as the most expensive - an observation backed up by the bills that have just come through my door, with the one for Phosphorus being extremely annoying (Another Door's win won't cover it, and there's nothing else coming in because nothing ever runs!). He goes in for a simple snip, and four months later, we're still waiting for a return and being charged racing stable rates! I would say I don't know how they have the balls to keep sending out bills like this, but that's a terrible pun given the operation 'Phos' went for. Whatever, like Pop Label, if he can't run (and gives crap results when he does), he should be retired, as he's completely failing to fulfil his role as a racehorse. The fact that he's cute is irrelevant. Summing things up is simple: He is paid to do a specific job, and if, for whatever reason, he consistently can't do that job, he should be fired and find employment elsewhere.

PS. At least the trainer has acknowledged that Belle Plage's run was unacceptable - considering we've been paying for months and had nothing in return for the best part of half a year, a little effort would have been the least we should have been delivered. As such, it is supposed to be out again next week, although I guess the chosen race will have too many going for it, so I'm not building up any hopes as yet. The only thing you can say is this is proof that a lack of racing is the problem (as it usually is), and I salute the guy for not going down the usual Japanese route of saying "it's tired" as a way of covering up a stable's incompetence, a lack of available races and a backhanded way of filtering money back to NF at owners' expense.

PPS. The Sonoda plan is on hold for Another Door, but it has now missed a chance to race in this week's meeting. It should be out next week, apparently. The week after that is the final Monbetsu meeting for the year, but the pissing about, trying to get a horse to race without proper training, and race bans and downright awful performances that came as a result of the lack of training (which we still paid a hefty bill for each month, by the way), has left owners in no-man's land - I'm assuming the Sonoda plan is being delayed because the stables are all full, and, due to Nankan rules, too little money has been earned up north to allow the horse to go to its proper stable at Funabashi. There seems to be far too little concern for getting the best from a horse once a sale is made. The only effort I see from Shadai TC and Sunday TC is in selling new horses and getting the inflated monthly invoices out. We live and learn. At least Chocolat Sucre has passed its test and should be back in action soon...

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