Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kealoha V3

Kealoha has given us our second win in two days, with Mar-kun (Masahige Honda) justifying the Sunday TC horse's status as favourite via a two-length win that looked all too easy at the end. He'd drawn the outside gate, but sat patiently until a gap opened on the inside, and then somehow found another gear to pull away from the others and leave them eating sand. His record now stands at 3-1-1-0, so it's a good horse for a change - all that is needed now is a regular run each month with similar results, for those four months off in summer (most of it almost certainly needless) will take some clawing back.

PS. As of today, Million Ways is on the move, now at Midway Farm, and then on to Fujita Stables at TCK, rather than back to Funabashi. Well, it can't do any worse. Trovao is doing well apparently, but I notice none of the training is being done with the guy selected to race on the 20th. I hope this oversight is corrected before the big day, as it's an easy thing to do with Mashima-kun based in Tokyo. I would have liked Honda-kun to have had the ride, but Mashima is a good lad at least. And we have another NAR runner - Larressingle has arrived at Morisawa Stable at Sonoda, although the intention is to move the horse back to JRA again by the looks of things. I don't like that system - once a horse has moved to NAR, it should stay there...

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