Monday, November 21, 2016

RIP Tempai

It is sad to report that Tempai (aka Tenn-chan) died on Sunday, having been a shadow of his former self for quite some time after a bad case of colic. I owned a stake in this lovely horse (winner of the Procyon Stakes) for a long while, even riding him in a gymkhana once, but gave him up a year ago due to an issue with one of the other shareholders.

In some ways I wish I hadn't seen him just before he died, as the time before that he'd seemed really bright, sticking his head out the stable window with his ears pricked - a sign that he was happy to spot me from the car park. To see him struggling to get up isn't a nice experience, but even then he eat some apple and carrots as if nothing was wrong - a fighter to the end... RIP Tenn-chan.

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