Thursday, December 8, 2016

Magic Key V3

Nakano-kun rode a well-timed race to give Magic Key a third victory at Funabashi tonight. Tucking in close to the rail, behind a gaggle of horses and with the favourite in a seemingly perfect position, I felt he'd blown it to be honest until he went really wide off the last corner and then found another gear to power home in the final furlong. Well done, that man!

Phosphorus is supposed to be having a test on the 27th, the same day as Lotus Blossom. This shouldn't have been necessary considering all he went away for was gelding - it's no good moaning about the six months of lost racing, though, for it will fall on deaf ears anyway, as all 'the boys' got well paid while he was away, and customers losing out obviously isn't important out here. With luck, both Phosphorus and Lotus Blossom will be in action in January - if they pass! - and hopefully they can start paying for themselves after a ridiculous run of nothing but overly-inflated bills for diddly in return on both of them.

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