Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

The flat season has started again in England, and has started extremely well as far as I'm concerned after Masterson delivered a superb win over two miles yesterday (my 70th overall). Ironically, Raining Dollars won Down Under, too, which is typical now I've given up my share in him LOL. I'm happy for Jo, though, and looking forward to a steady stream of entries from West Ilsley now we have got things rolling again after the winter break.

By the way, the Lord Ilsley Racing colt has been christened Rockwell Lloyd, while the filly with the same equipe has officially taken on the name of Compton Grace. The hunt for Godiva's Spirit is still on, with my trust being placed in the Channon family on that front - people I have immense respect for, and people that I can understand when it comes to their policy on racing and life in general.

Things have been quiet in Ireland, and, if truth be told, too quiet for my liking. We will have to take a serious look at next year's campaign if we don't get some more bang for the buck. But at least I'm pleased to be out of the Japan game - if I look down my list when I gave up, I see Phosphorus has been injured ever since that comeback win; Pop Label and Trovao haven't earned a penny since November, with Trovao's run last week a very bad joke; Another Door and Vertice last earned their keep in December; Magic Key hasn't run since a mediocre February; Kealoha hasn't run since early January; Lotus Blossom is running but not doing much; Larresingle has run once since returning to JRA, coming eighth, and otherwise, it has been a series of disaster zone specials. Next will be a long summer break, of course. Well out of it!

On the domestic front, Louis and Sophie have been incredibly busy, with 'Bugatti' continuing to improve at a rate that resembles a rocket trajectory. He simply loves work and learning new things, and it's a real pleasure to be able to watch him grow and improve in line with the kids. Sophie is now competing in L1 in dressage, with Louis challenging M1 next time out - considering this is being done with a horse that thinks he's still winning races, this is no mean feat. I'm proud of the three of them...

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