Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last Farewell

Porthos Du Vallon was poorly supported in his Ayr Gold Cup Meeting race, and ultimately justified the lack of confidence shown in him by the punters. It seems odd lining him up for a race in which he was so obviously outclassed, although another horse with the same trainer actually came in last! Anyway, in the end, he simply made up the numbers to come home in tenth. Assuming plans don't change yet again, this should be my last race with him, as he should be in the sales next month. For numerous reasons, I can't say as I'm all that bothered to see him go.

In Japan, Single Cask has been confirmed for the JRA 8R at Niigata on the 21st - a 1000m turf run that should provide some fun at the very least. There's also a plan to enter Belle Plage there on the 27th in an 1800m dirt race, which is definitely something to look forward to.

At the other end of the scale, both Joyful Step and Glint Moment will be out next week with any luck, too, or the week after that if not. This will almost certainly be the last run for both of them, unless they win, of course. In reality, there's more chance of me getting a date with Keiko Kitagawa than either of these two winning...

In-between these JRA meetings, we have two good horses lining up, with Pop Label in NAR action on the 22nd, and River Spirit running in England on the 23rd, so plenty to keep us busy. We've also got 'Bugatti' making his competition debut at the weekend. There's nothing expected of the big fella at this stage - I'm simply treating this event as another step in his training programme.

PS. Mikamoto-san has been confirmed as the jockey for Pop Label on the 22nd.

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