Thursday, September 25, 2014


Pretty Gully should probably be renamed as 'Pretty Damned Quick', as she came a superb second at Townsville today, despite running in an Open Class race for the first time. Looking at the distances she beat those behind her by, she's certainly not fighting above her weight, and that final run-in on the straight was nothing short of magnificent. One thing is for sure, Jo Hassett has found the magic formula with the girl, and this could be a very exciting season.

Having a good horse running is one thing, but I really like the Aussie racing scene. Everyone is so open and friendly, with folks knowing I live a fair distance from the Antipodes going out of their way to let me know what's happened. I really do appreciate being welcomed as a part of the JLH team. With another book finished - at last! - that's two pieces of good news today, which certainly goes a long way towards making up for not being able to see 'Bugatti' because of the bad weather. Time for a beer, I think...

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