Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gloomy Outlook

It's amazing that you can have so many JRA horses, and none of them doing anything except taking funds for extended holidays. Some have picked up injuries (Single Cask), others are simply dossing (the majority of them), and some don't even deserve to be called racehorses, such as War Chronicle, who stops eating at the first sign of work. Add in the usual problem of not enough races, meaning Harmony Fair might do a dirt race - despite hating dirt! - because there's no turf races available for ages, and my attempt at brightening my mood through looking at the Carrot Club reports after several long, hard days at the PC has failed miserably...

PS. Time For Love has suddenly been entered in the 2R at Tokyo on the 23rd - a 1400m turf race, with the same jockey as her last outing. That's all folks until the 26th!

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