Saturday, November 22, 2014

No Complaints

Yuichi Shibayama guided Time For Love to fifth place at Tokyo-Fuchu a few minutes ago, in a race in which the betting was remarkably accurate - the top six favourites finished comfortably in the first six places, even though the most-favoured pony came in third.

Nothing much now until Pop Label on Wednesday, although Pretty Gully runs in Australia on Friday, and Danielle's Journey should be back in action in Ireland over the next week or so, too. Today's result was about what I expected, but I'm not complaining given that it wasn't worse than I'd reckoned on before the race - some of the recent JRA results have been a lot worse than expected! However, at least one of these three coming up soon should be able to get that 23rd win, and if we're really lucky, 24 or even 25 might be on the cards...

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