Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quick News

Just heard that Pretty Gully is doing well in Australia, and should be back on the tracks real soon now that the weather has finally cooled down Down Under. Danielle's Journey (pictured, courtesy of the Realta Horse racing Club) is also looking good in Ireland, and will hopefully be able to make her third outing in the very near future.

Meanwhile, Beat The Boarder is set to run at Tokyo's TCK track on the 26th. She will compete in the C2 Class seventh race, held over a mile. I can't say as I'm particularly looking forward to this one, though, as she has been incredibly disappointing in her last four outings. Fair enough, the gate draw and subsequent decision to take it easy explains the first two, and while the same outside gate covers the lack of a win in the next race, it doesn't excuse the awful performance she gave. As for the last race, well, it was enough to prompt me to ask for a change of trainers or retirement. We shall have to wait and see what happens, but until I see a spark of hope, I'm certainly not bothering to trek across to Tokyo to go and see her unless I have business in town or something else running there that day.

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