Friday, February 13, 2015

Odds & Sods

Only one runner in JRA over the weekend, as everyone continues their endless holidays. I can't believe Miracle Rouge has gone straight back into R&R mode, as the last race was supposed to be a foundation for a new campaign.  Going by the last two gaps in her outings, that means we can expect to see her again in May, or possibly June or July, which is frankly a ridiculous situation.

Anyway, Belle Plage is out tomorrow with Yutaka Yoshida in the TV Yamanashi Hai race at Tokyo (the 1600m turf 9R), and with luck, Massabielle will run on the 28th - the same day as Eclat De Reve gives it another shot. The latter is lined up for an 1800m turf run at Hanshin, while Massabielle is being booked for a 2200m turf run at Nakayama with Miura Kosei in the saddle. Now that should be interesting...

On the subject of interesting, Raining Dollars (pictured) is looking good in Australia, and my plan to revive the Lady Jockey Series (LJS) in Japan is taking shape, slowly but surely. I'll keep you updated with any news or progress as and when it comes along.

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