Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gandvik Debut

Gandvik kicks off our UK flat season tomorrow, teaming up with Charlie Bishop in the 5:15 at Bath. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Gandvik does, but it doesn't matter that much to be honest - simply being part of the West Ilsley gang and the pleasure that delivers is worth the investment, and you know for a fact that everyone has done their very best.

It's much the same at JLH. As it happens, both of the Australian horses are in action on Saturday: Bradyn Swaffer on Pretty Gully in an 1180m Open race at Home Hill, and Graham Watson on Raining Dollars in the same meeting in a Maiden 900m race.

In Japan, Trovao has started proper race training now, with the first session of gate practice going well and prompting a second one for next week. He will be based at the Hiromori Stable at Monbetsu initially, which is where Pop Label and Aqua De Vida started their NAR careers.

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