Friday, May 8, 2015

Pop Second

Pop Label (pictured) ran a super race with Taito Mori at Funabashi today, coming a very close second to the firm favourite in the main event. Thinking about it, it was the first time Pop Label had ran at Funabashi without the track being waterlogged, and the difference was plain to see. Definitely some real potential still left in this big lad...

If you want to see the video, click on this link. Pop Label is on the outside, which is ultimately what creased us this time: nankankeiba20150508. Another few metres (or yards to folks like me), or a better start, and that race was ours. At least the Pop Label of old is back, and that's nice to see.

Next up we have Gandvik making his debut in England, then Raining Dollars making a proper race debut in Australia, and now Danielle's Journey - after having done so well in long-distance flat racing - is looking to make her jumping debut in the Maiden Hurdle race at Limerick (Ireland) on the 17th May. There may also be Tokyo JRA races for Kalliopeia on the 16th and Harmony Fair on the following day. The calendar certainly has an international flavour to it this month.

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