Thursday, June 9, 2016

Revolving Door

Another Door ran more like Another Dud, trailing in six lengths behind the winner to come fourth; in addition, the last 3F time was 0.5 seconds slower than the victor, who was also lighter - I would expect a heavier horse to have done well in the wet conditions. Oh well, only another 110 races bringing in money like it got today, and it will have covered its extortionate purchase price. Too late to renew my faith now anyway, so Another Bad Joke springs to mind as a different naming option. I wonder if it will run in Sunday TC silks next time (apparently at the end of the month), or if it will run in the jockey's colours to help it blend into the background? At least we have some proper racing to look forward to in England later today and over the weekend - nothing running here, of course, as they're all tired having run once or twice this year. Did you detect a slight hint of sarcasm in that last statement? You can bet your ass on that!

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