Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beaten Up

Despite starting as second favourite (she was actually top in the betting for a long time), Beat The Boarder got beaten to a pulp this afternoon, coming home in tenth. Shun-kun picked a nice line at the end, but there was seemingly nothing in the tank when he asked her to go in the closing stages. She didn't look very interested in the job in hand in the paddock, and without the benefit of knowing exactly what happened on the track today, as the reports have yet to filter through, she looked all too much like a one hit wonder out there. Devastated...

On the Carrot Club side, the news doesn't get any better. True Motion is still on walking machine duty, which makes a quick comeback unlikely, and without hitting the track again quickly - like Belle Plage did - all the problems we had last time will come around again and haunt us. As for Glint Moment, well the operation was a success and he's back in training. However, looking at his last outing on video, I don't honestly think it will make any difference -
I didn't see a tension problem worthy of concern, only a conditioning problem. We can expect him to neigh an octave higher, but beyond that, I wouldn't count on any major changes.

PS. The report on BTB's race wasn't really conclusive. Maybe it was the jump in class? Maybe she didn't like the sand with so many horses kicking it up, but it didn't seem to bother her during her debut outing. Anyway, the jockey is saying she lost concentration going into the corner, and that she'd benefit from ear covers. At the same time, the trainer is saying she didn't race at all today, which is plain to see, so she'll be out again very soon.

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