Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Building Up

The Carrot Club entries have suddenly started to liven up for August, with Irish Harp expected to run at Sapporo on the 2nd. She will team up with Yuichi Fukunaga in the 2R, which is a 1700m dirt race. On the same day, we can expect Single Cask to run in the 12R (1200m on dirt) with Kazuma Harada, and then Harada-kun gets to try Tenshinramman at Niigata on the 3rd. They join forces for the 7R (1400m on turf), although the trainer is already playing things down. What on Earth has happened to this magnificent creature? I'd dearly love to see the 'Tenny' of old running free and strong. On the other hand, Miracle Rouge is apparently much brighter now, although nothing has been stated beyond that...

Courtesy Carrot Club
Joyful Step (pictured here before last week's fourth place) is pencilled in for the 16th at Niigata with Keita Ban in the 1800m dirt race. Harmony Fair is supposed to be running there on the following day in the 1800m turf slot, but a jockey has yet to be named. In reality - and I never thought I'd see the day when I said this -
I fancy Joyful Step to put up the better performance
of the two, as Harmony is the epitome of the one hit wonder, while Joyful made a magnificent effort last weekend and has shown a vast level of improvement that has frankly taken me quite by surprise.

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