Saturday, August 2, 2014

All Go In Chiba

As you can imagine, I wanted to get the report on the win up ASAP yesterday, but with work starting at just gone 5am, training with 'Bugatti' (his first real dressage training going very well indeed), more work until I'd reached the target I'd set earlier in the day, and then the local fete straight after, I just couldn't face the computer again when I got back after nine...

Tenshinramman runs later today, and it will be interesting to see what she does. Her recent record simply doesn't reflect 10% of her ability. Fingers crossed!

River Spirit is booked to run in the 2:20 at Brighton on the 6th, which is the five-furlong Lexi Boo Strickland Nursery Handicap Stakes. I love this little horse and the team behind her (1-1-2 from six runs), so I'm looking forward to that. She should be pairing up with Danny Cremin on the day, although the 2:45 at Windsor on the 10th has been added as a back-up. Also got some huge news from Australia for you, but first I need a cup (bucket) of tea to kick-start my system.

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