Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dull Feeling

If it was any other horse, I'd be happy enough with a third place - more than happy, in fact. But the horse in question is something too special to be happy with a third, two-and-a-half lengths down on the winner, in a lower league than she should be in, and with a lightweight rider to boot. Okay, it's an improvement on the last few outings, which were frankly bloody awful, but it's still nowhere near what she's capable of - the last 3F time is particularly disappointing. Maybe the trainer saying she wasn't 100% before the race holds a clue to the result, although race rust is probably just as big a factor, which is possibly why she was entered in less than perfect condition. After all, she was supposed to be running again soon after her May race, but today was ultimately her next outing, following a nine-week break. If she's run quickly after this with the same jockey, who should have some idea of how she handles after today, she might just be able to reclaim some pride. If the thoughts are shifting towards another long R&R session, it would be better to let her retire with a 2-2-1 record...

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