Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All Work, No Play

Been working around the clock these last few days, as I'm trying to get a big project out of the way. Not that much to report anyway, as the kids have gone back to school, meaning the daily adventures with 'Bugatti' have stopped, and there's very little happening on the racing front either - with my workload, I haven't even managed to get to Funabashi...

Most of the Japanese racers are on holiday, with only Joyful Step lined up to run at the weekend, in an 1800m dirt race at Niigata. There are thoughts of running True Motion at Niigata in late-September, and Harmony Fair at Fukushima or Tokyo in October. Meanwhile, a decision will be made regarding Belle Plage's next move over the coming few days, but I'm so pleased with the way Ogata-sensei is running this horse, I'm trying to buy another with his stable for next year - progress has been solid, with no silly decisions to try and chase quick money. As for the youngsters, Rush Attack will hopefully make his debut soon, and Perfumer is about to have his body check and challenge the gate test.

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