Saturday, September 6, 2014

Edinburgh Dud

Porthos Du Vallon ran a stinker at Musselburgh last night, starting as rank outsider and fully justifying it. The only thing that pleases me is that I'm no longer the only one saying that the messages coming from the Porthos camp are mixed and often confusing - and, at last, these thoughts were being relayed by others even before the race. In some ways it's funny, because had it not been for these messages, I'd forgotten Porthos was running, and I hadn't marked it up on the calendar I use to track who's running when. Anyway, it now appears he will not jump after all, but he should be running at Ayr. He should also be in the October sale, and, as far as I'm concerned, the sooner that day comes around, the better. I'm not going to bother writing any more, because I will only be accused of sarcasm...

In another few hours, we'll probably have another dud to report with Joyful Step. At least there's something to look forward to later in the week when Pop Label does his race test at Funabashi (even though he's a juvenile champion, his long recovery from injury means it's something that's required) and Pretty Gully takes to the track again in Australia.

PS. As expected, Joyful Step did nothing, coming eighth, quite a long way off the pace; she has officially been given one last chance. Thankfully 'Bugatti' performed magnificently in a training clinic this morning, taking his transition from racehorse to riding horse another step closer. He knew something big was happening, though, and the tension switch kicked in with a vengeance. Had there been a starting gate, he'd have been well away!

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