Thursday, September 4, 2014

Deep Joy?

Joyful Step has been confirmed for Sunday's race (the 3R at Niigata), with Keita Ban trying to get revenge for an awful showing last time out. Joyful Step can do it - the dreadful debut was followed by a very promising fourth, but that last outing was not much better than her first run! Anyway, it's an 1800m dirt race, and the sand should be fairly light I'd have thought...

Single Cask is back at her racing stable, so we can expect her to be back out on the track soon. Nothing else happening, although I did manage to spend a quality afternoon with 'Bugatti' today. He seems to have settled nicely now, confident in his fresh surroundings and new family members. No pictures I'm afraid, as it was very dull and overcast - those photos I did take are poor quality. At least there's some real progress on the new book, so hopefully I can escape the office a bit more, and take some special shots on a day that's brighter.

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